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Hello citizens of the world,





Tune in to 102.9 The Buzz on Sunday night around 10pm to hear your first taste of the new record, “Rockstars and Superheroes”.

Adam McIntyre and The 8th Grade’s Paul Cassella will be spinning new tunes with Natalie The Token Rock Chick Sunday night to promote an upcoming show. This will coincidentally be the radio premiers of new material by both artists.



91.1 FM 2-3pm featuring an interview & live acoustic performance by Adam.


POWERPOP EXPLOSION (rock festival thingy)

Adam McIntyre, The 8th Grade, Luxury Liners, Pheromone, Jason Beck

MARCH 26th 8:30pm SHARP! 21 and over (sorry)

The Slow Bar


This five-act Slow Bar summit meeting of Music City's Big Star brigade offers an onslaught of fat jangly guitars, Sweet Tart melodies and pained high vocals.

– The Nashville Scene


Check out The Rage for an interview with Adam re: Powerpop Explosion.



April 6th at Windows On The Cumberland 7-11pm

Come join the fun at Windows On The Cumberland as Adam celebrates his birthday with some of his best friends and some great music. Members of the following bands are scheduled to attend and perform: The Coal Men, The Dewese Family Singers, The 8th Grade, Jason Beck, Pheromone, Paul Melancon, Superhype, The Ether Family Presents…, Joshua Bennett and many more! Please do not bring presents. Just bring yourself. The fun starts early and everybody winds up at home and in bed well before midnight.


International Pop Overthrow (BIG FESTIVAL) Chicago, IL

April 26th

Abbey Pub

Noon-thirty Adam McIntyre

10:30pm The Shoes

11:30pm The Shazam


News: after a few title changes, a few sets of mixes and several running order changes, we sent the album off to be mastered last week. Mix engineer Steve Short really reached down deep and gave a little something extra to what could have been only a hodgepodge of home recordings and made it into something I can be proud of.  Thanks to mastering engineer Jimmy Ether’s genius with such things, listening to dreams and his general ear for a deeper meaning, the long-abandoned idea of making this a Rock and Roll Concept Album actually happened. CONCEPT ALBUM? Oh, it’s nothing complicated. It’s a record about a wannabe rockstar whose relationship self-destructs as his career takes off. How does it end? Is it truly a work of fiction? I’ll let you find out. There will be FREE advance copies of the CD available at the Powerpop Explosion show next week. I just hope that this CD will be something you can listen to and enjoy this summer. If you get anything else out of it, that’s icing on the cake. I hope to have real CDs in my hand to give to you by April 26th.


Speaking of that, I’m really excited about it. The powerpop explosion, that is. Anybody who knows anything about the non-country music scene here in Nashville has probably heard and seen Pheromone and the Luxury Liners. If not, you need to come to the show for that alone. I have two BIG surprises for you though; Jason Beck and The 8th Grade. One of them just hasn’t played out in forever, and the other one hasn’t played out in Nashville at all to speak of. You’ll basically be witnessing two debuts, but I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if they showed up the other three of us bands playing that night.


We’re doing a lot of radio promotion around town this coming week for that show, but it also serves the double purpose of debuting the new record on the airwaves. The Buzz has been nice enough to humor me and play home demos or rough mixes. Now they’ll have a mastered copy of the new album – get your tape recorders ready. Last time I was interviewed on The Buzz, I made more enemies and denounced more facets of the music business than Oasis usually do. Sure, I’m older and wiser but I still stand firmly on most of the same principles. I wonder what they’ll ask me…


I know a lot of you will have questions about the lineup of the Birthday Bash. Don’t ask. Just show up. There will be beer, cake and rock and roll. Last year a guitar was damaged, Ross bought the place a round of drinks, and most of my best friends pulled amazing performances out of thin air. I’m sure beyond the shadow of a doubt that the musical lineup this year is EVEN BETTER and that we will have MORE fun. We’ve even got a few none-too-subtle surprises up our sleeve.


And last but not least, the most important show I will ever have played in my life, the International Pop Overthrow. I won’t lie to you, I have a crap time slot. If you have ANY friends in the Chicago area, please tell them to come out and attend. Chicago. Abbey Pub. April 26th, 12:30 (12:30 DAYTIME). Stick around for a reunion of the legendary SHOES and for my old pals The Shazam. 


Love to you all,