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  date city venue
$5 January 2nd Atlanta GA Eddie's Attic opening for Paul Melancon with Jimmy Ether, WeakLazyLiar, Sue Witty and Pat Walsh.
$5? January 17th Nashville Blue Sky Court With special guests: Ide and Susan Hartman. 410 4th avenue, downtown 615-242-6033
$0? January 28th Nashville Blue Sky CourtALL AGES SHOW 8:30pm opening for Hot Action Cop. 410 4th avenue, downtown 615-242-6033
$0 February 19th Nashville Guido'sALL AGES SHOW 7:30pm STICK AROUND for Tom & Sarah's R&B
$5? March 26th Nashville Slow Bar8:30pm POWERPOP with Jason Beck, Pheromone, The 8th Grade and the Luxury Liners
$? April 26th Chicago Abbey Pub12:30pm (noon) International Pop Overthrow
$? June 13th Nashville Blue Sky Court ALBUM RELEASE PARTY!
$? July 12th Atlanta, GA 10 High opening for Paul Melancon
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