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Download the new single!

Too Far Gone (mp3)

Download of the week!

Okay, these may be up less often than weekly, but it will be fairly often that I'll put up a new sound file. This week's selection is a live MP3 of "Wings Of An Angel". Check it out!

Wings Of An Angel MP3

The sound clip available is a collage of all the songs on the CD. Each song has a few seconds. This is to increase ease of download and also to prevent internet piracy.

Low Quality Real Audio

High Quality MP3

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Thanks Dustin!

There have been a few problems with the download. Don't be too surprised if the MP3 or the RealAudio won't work. I asked Tripod what the problem was and got this message: Q: Why doesn't the link to the file work?
A: Those using an older browser or WebTV unit may experience problems accessing the file you were looking for. For those using older browsers, we recommend updating to a current version; this will ensure that you will be able to enjoy your online sessions to the fullest extent.

Another server that has the MP3 file is UBL.

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