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Eric Stroud - Drums

25 year old drummer Eric Stroud originally hails from Montgomery, AL, where he met guitarist Adam McIntyre in late 1995. A self taught drummer, Eric has been banging away for as long as he can remember. From pots, pans, and coffee tins at age 5, to his first toy drum set at age 7, to his first real kit at age 11, Eric has absorbed much of his skill through the worship of such classic rock drumming luminaries as Ringo Starr, John Bonham, Mitch Mitchell , Keith Moon, Ginger Baker, John Densmore, Buddy Miles, and Doug Clifford. The sum of all these influences, plus a little bit of modern heroes such as Steve Gorman (Black Crowes), Ric Menck (Matthew Sweet, Velvet Crush) and Eric Kretz (S.T.P), is the combination that sets Eric apart from other drummers in his generation.

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