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Gibb Droll Band
Go check out Gibb's new CD
The Kinks
our new favorite band!
Tasty Powerpop! A radio station on with LOTS of powerpop folks you GOTTA HEAR!
The Who
Powerslide a great powerpop band
Big Star
Experience Hendrix Interactive
Buy Hendrix!
Ian Moore Band
Ian's new independent release "...And All the colors" is now available!
World Party (another new page, since the old one was taken down)
I am an egyptologist!
A powerful blues/rock band from Alabama.
Matthew Sweet
Pop songcrafter man. He's great.
Imperial Drag
If you buy their album your ears will never be the same!
Electric Magic: Led Zeppelin
If you are a Zeppelin fan and you don't know about the new BBC stuff, go here.
Lane's Page
Friend o' the band.
Ellen's Homepage
See Summer Swing Dance: Super Cool 21 year old girls shouldn't get cancer
If you have any decency, you should visit this site.
An artist from japan whose page is just great!
One of our more unlikely influences and a great band. Except the drummer.
The Black Crowes
A fan page for the Crowes.
Jeremy Casella
A friend of Adam's who is a great solo artist in Nashville.
The Ultimate Band List... we're on it!

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