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august 29th, 2000

Hello! If you have an MP3 player, you can hear the new superhype "single" that we're sending out to college radio. Just click on the AUDIO page and it's the link at the top. It's the hi-fi version, too! Enjoy.

Love, Adam

August 9th, 2000

The new radio release of "Too Far Gone" is tentatively set for August 15th.

Rock&Read magazine's August issue with Superhype on the cover will be out next Monday or Tuesday! Check the rock n' read webpage from our links page for points of distribution. It's a free magazine!

love to you all,


July 29th, 2000

RADIO/FAN CLUB RELEASE! Tenatively slated for August 15th, Superhype will be releasing its first single to college radio and its fan club list. The track (or tracks?) will possibly also be featured on a Nashville Rock Band compilation CD and also on the internet. More later as this story develops.

July 5th, 2000

Thanks very much again to everybody in Montgomery who came out to the 1048 show. It was a blast, not to mention our first 4-hour show! The "after show party" at Millstone was a blast, too.

Check out a LIVE MP3 of Alex's "Wings Of An Angel" in the Audio section. It's the download of the week, straight from the Exit/In.

Love to you all,


June 20th, 2000

YEEAAAHH! We ROCKED the Exit/In with our best show yet! Thanks to everybody who came and helped to make that show wonderful. We videotaped and recorded the show, so anybody who missed it can purchase a copy (for cheap) pretty soon. Holland Nix and Catawampus were both very good and REALLY nice! I hope you caught them, too.

A new Kinks tribute CD will feature no less than two recordings by Superhype (that's us!) performing "Picture Book" and "You Really Got Me". Email me if you want a copy, cost will be between $7 and $10 and the proceeds go to charity. One big perk of being on the CD (twice!) is that Ray and Dave Davies both get a copy and will surely hear us. So not only does legendary Led Zeppelin bassist John Paul Jones have a copy of the Superhype EP, but now the Kinks themselves will be listening to Superhype. CRAZY!

If you check the audio section you'll notice a new MP3 file up. It's a clip of "Too Far Gone", and it's the MP3 of the week. If you check back about every 9 days, I'll try to have a new one up. Anything from studio recordings to demos to live versions are game - just to keep things interesting.

I just designed a very small, simple website for a band called POWERSLIDE, dedicated to the task of getting their CDs distributed. Obviously, I like them if I made their website so I'll skip a lengthy speech about how great they are. But they are! Go check 'em out. I hope to have MP3's up soon.

Love to you all,

June 15th, 2000

The show at the Exit/In is now less than 4 days away and I'm REALLY excited about it. We're playing with two other bands: Catawampus, who are a rock band from Nashville who boast the "longest hair". I would have fit right in with them about 5 months ago, eh? I've heard they're quite good. The other band is Holland Nix, a female fronted rock band. They've been featured on the Oxygen Network (Oprah's channel) as part of a songwriting contest. They may have won it by now, I haven't checked in the past few days, and I'm not exactly glued to the Oxygen channel. I'm not sure what order we're all going in except that Catawampus is headlining the show. Bring your free passes! (see below)

I'm also working on booking several new shows at places we haven't played at yet or haven't played at in a while. Sebastian's is now considered a musical hot spot, and we're getting back in there, possibly with the Waxwings next month. Jack Leg's is also a place we're trying to get in. If you live outside of Nashville (whether it be murfreesboro or Atlanta) and you'd like to see us playing at a club near you, let us know and we'll make it happen.

Recording is slated for the weekend of the 24th and 25th, and we hope to have our new single finished by then (all mixing aside) for radio release. Once again, make sure we can get a copy to your favorite radio station.
I'll see you at the shows!

Love to you all,
Adam ps check the AUDIO section!

May 26th, 2000

Alex has gone to Scandanavia for a couple of weeks, he'll be back in plenty of time for the Windows show.

Speaking of shows, our first BIG show is coming up - the Exit/In. We're giving our friends and fans free tickets to the show, and If you haven't gotten one yet you can easily PRINT ONE OUT

Also, I've written a few new songs - even played one at 12th & Porter the other night. Be looking out for new songs at shows!

Love to you all,

April 20th, 2000

Booking shows and promoting the hell out of them... Some of you may already have your postcards - our first mailout as a reminder to come to the belmont show. While the show is mostly for Belmont students, anybody is welcome to come so feel free to go to the gigs page and click on the map. If you're still lost, email me for directions from where you live. When you come to a Superhype show, don't forget to sign up for the mailing list!
A) It's not junk mail, it's ART!
B) the mailouts are great for decorating your fridge

Helping with the numerous flyers and postcards that have so marked the 'assault' on Belmont (next: the world!) is yesterday's article about us in the Belmont Vision. I have to thank them for the nice half page article, even if it did have a bunch of typos. We appreciate it!

Keep your eye on the gigs page, it's about to have a bunch of new dates.

Love to you all,


April 13th, 2000

check out our promo shot, we finally got one. Thanks to Vatsal! You can see it on the "BAND" page. Click on the photo to get the FULL SIZE version!

April 7th, 2000

Birthday news: Adam turns 22 on April 7th (TODAY!), Eric turns 25 on April 11th.

Gig News: Free show coming up at belmont. See gigs page. The Aquatorium is located in the student center, it's not hard to find.

We've submitted two songs to a Kinks compilation CD, and I hope at least one makes it. I've had some singing problems lately (like the last 4 years?! I'm feeling better now though.) and the vocals were slightly below par, but they turned out well regardless. I'll keep you updated.

Our friend Cris took some great live shots of us that can be found on the PHOTOS page and sort of an 'abstract' of hers is featured on the main page. Lane managed to animate it for me... Thanks Cris!

Vatsal Thakkar took promo photos of us a couple of weeks ago and they turned out great. Look for those soon.

I'll see you at the shows!

March 21st, 2000

Gig News: The two songs last night at 12th & Porter went well! However I did sing two songs were I can't move around very much because I'm glued to the mic, but It was actually very fun. We did "Too Far Gone" and "Magnificent" to big rounds of applause. We definately stood out from the other artists, too. That 12 @ 12th show has been voted "Best Writer's Night" in the new Nashville Scene 2000 reader's poll. Yes, It beat the Bluebird. And don't forget to come to the Roots & Rock showcase thursday night! The fun starts around 7pm with Neal, continues with the coal men, and finishes with Superhype (uh... that's us). Love to you all, Adam

March 14, 2000
Recording News
: Hi! We recorded Home on Sunday. That rocked. It's sounding really good already, still straight-ahead rock but with a twist. I can't wait to get back in the studio and record "Too Far Gone"!

Gig News: We got a call yesterday to come play at the 12th & Porter writer's night (where bands DO get up and play, it's basically an audition for us to get back in to play at 12th & Porter some other time). Unfortunately, a few hours was not enough notice and we couldn't pull things together fast enough. In other words, one of us had to work! That's okay, we're going to do it again in a couple of weeks. Things are also looking good for getting shows at the Exit/In and again at The End.

Well, i hope to put a fresh copy of a new CD in your hands by fall. I guess we'll give a discount to those who have already bought the Advance (4-song) CD.

Thanks everybody for coming out to the shows and DON'T FORGET the showcase at Windows in a week or so!

February 29th, 2000
Hello again. Well, we played a fun show in Montgomery, Alabama and that was a nice "homecoming" even though we don't live there anymore. Thanks to everybody who came out. And thanks to Brian Hinton in Marty Bribe for having us open for them.

Keep an eye open for upcoming shows and join the mailing list for more info.

We need a lot of people to come to the show at The End (we need you at every show, but I'm being realistic...) because we need to pack that place!

Thanks to everybody for buying CDs and giving us the kind words. We love you too!
Adam, Alex & Eric

February 10th, 2000
Hello everyone! Perhaps the first news is that this website is moving to, which is a LOT easier to remember, right? I thought so. Go ahead and move your bookmarks if you like, because the new site is up, running, and identical to the ell3n site.
We're taking a little break right now after a month of shows around the Nashville area. This is to add new songs to the set and prepare for the drive to Montgomery on the 26th. I hope you're ready down there!

ROOTS & ROCK SHOWCASE! - many of you have already heard about it, but get the direct info here. On March 23rd at Windows On The Cumberland in Downtown Nashville, you will get to see three artists put on a show like no other. The theme of the showcase is simple: do what you do best.
The Night will start off around 7pm with a VERY energetic and talented acoustic artist named Neal Hager. He has quite a following in Kentucky and there's a good reason for it. Neal has great vocals and great playing. You combine that with great songwriting and you've got a great excuse to come out to the show.
Next on the roster are The Coal Men, fronted by Acuff/Rose songwriter and artist David Coleman. He's an alternative country artist with a band that will rock your socks off. If you don't like country but like rock, you'll still LOVE The Coal Men. They, like Neal, have a "realness" to their music that transcends a genre like "country" or "alternative" or even "rock". Dave Coleman has been hailed as one of the best young writers in Nashville, and you'd be really missing one of tomorrow's best bands if you miss The Coal Men.
Finally, we have Superhype. Come see us. We will put on a show quite unlike Neal Hager or The Coal Men. If you haven't seen us yet, then go read a review to get an idea of what we're like. We'll play an hour's worth of originals and maybe a Kinks cover. All with a dash of no-holds-barred rock for good measure. Hope you like it.

January 15, 2000

Boy, am I going to be sore in the morning...

Thank you so much everybody for coming out to our first show! It wouldn't have been the same without all of you. To those who were there, please send any reviews or comments to me at your comments will be posted on a new reviews page.

I'm still amazed by the reaction we got, and I'm still not sure what came over me. All I know is that I'm starting to feel kind of sore in my legs, arms and neck. Once again, thank you

Radio News Nashville! Listen to 102.9 The Buzz this coming Sunday night to hear a LIVE interview with Superhype. We'll also be spinning a few songs off the new disc. This will be Sunday, January 16th from 10pm-midnight

Gig news Come out and see our FIRST acoustic show at the Flying Saucer. Details can be found on the Gigs page.

Love to you all, Adam

December 27, 1999

we're celebrating four years of being a "band" with the history page. Be sure to stay updated on the upcoming shows in your area with the gigs page. The new booking was the 1048 Club in Montgomery. We're playing from 9-10pm (in early and out early for all you day people) while Brian Hinton's band Marty Bribe plays the rest of the night. It's looking to be a really fun show!

I was treated to a very "Kink"y Christmas. I recieved several Kinks albums; "Kontroversy", "Face To Face", "Sleepwalker", and an extra special gift from Ellen... an original UK copy of their first album on vinyl. It's in great shape, and I think I'm going to have to frame it. I hope the holidays found you and your family happy and well. So from all of us in Superhype,

Love to you all! (and happy new year!)

December 7th, 1999 reviews so far... the cd finally arrived. i fucking love it. today has been very sunny and warm and i've been riding around listening to it. whenever you know a specific date on a gig at 1048 or wherever let me know because some of my troy friends want to come. and i am going to play the cd alot around people, my roomates like it alot. steven wambles, Troy Alabama

November 29, 1999

Big radio news

WXFX in Montgomery, Alabama had us as their featured artists this past weekend on the "Locals Only" radio show. Deejay Rick Hendrick had this to say about the airplay:

Just wanted to drop you a quick line and let you know that there was a GREAT reaction to the CD on Sunday.  Most of the calls centered around the old band "Drivin South" and that people were glad you guys are still together. I will continue to spin tracks off the CD and monitor the reaction.  Good Luck to Superhype! Rick

Wow!That's awesome, guys! If you Nashville folks would like to hear us on the radio, request us from Lightning 100 and get us on their playlist. They have the CD. Also, The Buzz will have a CD soon.

Love to you all, Adam