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February 2004

Hello! Welcome to the Powerpop Explosion website. We'll do our best to keep you up to date on the goings-on with our little almost-monthly music festival's past, present and future.

Next PPX: in the planning stages
Thanks to all the wonderful people who came out to the 4th PPX at The End on February 20th. All three bands had a blast and we hope to see you at the International Pop Overthrow in a couple weeks!

IPO Nashville will be held at The End on Elliston.


crossposted for your convenience...

Thursday, March 4
8:00 Kyle Vincent
8:30 Digby
9:00 The Elms
9:30 The Rumors
10:00 Doug Powell (of SWAG)
10:30 Walter Clevenger
11:00 Second Saturday

Friday, March 5
8:00 Eric Blakely
8:30 Sam Ashworth
9:00 Rich Creamy Paint
9:30 Wendy Ip
10:00 Adam McIntyre
10:30 The Bubblegum Complex
11:00 De Novo Dahl
11:30 The Singles

Saturday, March 6
7:30 Magnaphonic
8:00 Matt Backer
8:30 Jeremy
9:00 Popular Genius
9:30 The Dollyrots
10:00 Dum Dog Run
10:30 Tim Lee and In-Line Six
11:00 Stereo 360
11:30 Verde

Sunday, March 7
7:30 Crash Into June
8:00 Neilson Hubbard
8:30 Cherry Blossom Clinic
9:00 The Lolas
9:30 The Vague
10:00 My Brother
10:30 Westside Daredevils

Monday, March 8
7:30 Nick Gundale
8:00 Hotpipes
8:30 Young Agent Jones
9:00 Fizzgig
9:30 Ross Rice
10:00 The Luxury Liners
10:30 The Privates

Thanks everybody who came out to the 3rd PPX on August 9th. Over a hundred pop fans came out to the Blue Sky Court and witnessed our best lineup yet:

Second Saturday
Popular Genius
The 8th Grade

What IS the Powerpop Explosion (PPX)?
The goal of the PPX is to bring 4-5 bands and their audiences together for one big event every 4-8 weeks. Stylistically, it doesn't have to be a narrow definition of "powerpop" (which to us is simply melodic pop songs being played with lots of energy). The PPX actually operate within a pretty broad spectrum: hard rock bands with great hooks (Sloan, Redd Kross) all the way over to semi-orchestral pop (you know, strings, woodwinds and such a la` "Pet Sounds"). They can be solo acoustic artists or a 10-piece band, young or old, and may be total unknowns, big draws or somewhere in between. The important thing is introducing fans to great artists and bands that we know they'd like.

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