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Scrotch is a new band fronted by Ed MacMuffith of Nashville. The band will focus on recreating the atmosphere of the Velvet Underground, while focusing on the songwriting technique of Wesley Willis.

The name came from "Scratch" and "Crotch" - It's a contraction that Ed thought up while tripping on butane and coolant. "I had to scratch my crotch and I said 'scrotch' while i did so. It's like this whole thing was ordained by God." Speaking of which, the band's stage wear was inspired by none other than Yoko Ono, who wore a bag over her head during performances by the Dirty Mack. "We raided a Piggly Wiggly for their bags once. Nobody chased us or called the cops that I know of. But I do wish we'd grabbed the paper bags instead of the plastic ones. It gets kind of dizzy up there." The band so far has headlined the meat packing festival in Pine Grove, AL and have made appearances on the local public access show "Pickin' Time".

McMuffith, while an able electric banjoist, needed a real lead singer to join. Enter Mickey Rod of Georgia. Rod saw McMuffith at a show across the street from the baseball card shop he worked in and ran across the street to get a better look. They immediately pared off and sparred for a few minutes, but they had matching mullets so they decided to become friends. Despite Mickey's complete absence of pitch control, he winds the crowds up with his blistering renditions of "Doctor Love" and "My Ding A-Ling (slight return)". The band wouldn't be complete without Charlie Daniels/John Cale disciple Elk Strongbrad. He/she is the gel that holds the others in place with his/her droning, screeching melodies. The band is still currently looking for a drummer and a bass player. No druggies, please.

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