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Tasty Powerpop: has a ton of PowerPop bands you need to hear!
The Kinks Our favorite band, the Kinks!
The Who The Who's official site
powerslide Our friend Marc's PowerPop band! (run by Adam)
Big Star One of the best (unknown) powerpop bands of the 70's
Owsley A grrrreat PowerPop artist from Alabama He's also one of our big influences.
Pet Sounds Brian's taking Pet Sounds on the road this summer: get the scoop here!
the coal men A roots-rock, americana band that just happens to have Adam's two best friends in it. And they're his favorite group.
Matthew Sweet Matthew Sweet
Dig this site for info on the new "Time Capsule: Best of 1990-2000" CD!
Imperial Drag Imperial Drag
One of the best rock bands of the late 90's to never get heard
Guitarist Lyle Workman Lyle Workman, an amazing guitarist and composer! His new album is out now!
Soft Bulletin, album of the year!The Flaming Lips: makers of one of the best albums ever!
indie 411 A music industry site for indie bands!
world partyWorld Party: new album out August 28th (everywhere BUT the US)
Fluid Tuesday, a local rock band!

Barely Heroes: friends of ours who have a brand new album!
www.led-zeppelin.comElectric Magic: Led Zeppelin
A jolly good zep site.
Jellyfish One of Adam's favorite bands, Jellyfish. This site is Run BY adam!
The Gibb Droll Band Gibb Droll Band
Go buy Gibb's new album!
Ellen's Homepageme!
Adam's beloved girlfriend's page!
the Million Dollar Man himself! Mitch Smilie's page: Absurdity in D-minor
Lane's Page
A friend of the band's
The Black CrowesThe Black Crowes

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